CIIR publications authored by Arkin Dharawat

IR-1289: (2022) Hattimare, A.,  Dharawat, A.,  Khan, Y.,  Lien, Y.,  Samarinas, C.,  Wei, G.,  Yang, Y. and Zamani, H., "Maruna Bot: An Extensible Retrieval-Focused Framework for Task-Oriented Dialogues," in Proceedings of Alexa Prize TaskBot (Alexa Prize 2021). [View Abstract] [View bibtex]

IR-1282: (2022) Samarinas, C.,  Zamani, H. and Dharawat, A., "Revisiting Open Domain Query Facet Extraction and Generation," in Proceedings of the 2022 ACM SIGIR International Conference on Theory of Information Retrieval (ICtiR 2022), Madrid, Spain, July 11-12, 2022, pp. 43–50. [View Abstract] [View bibtex]