CIIR publications authored by Ziqi Wang

IR-937: (2013) Dietz, L.,  Wang, Z.,  Huston, S. and Croft, W. B. , "Retrieving Opinions from Discussion Forums," Proceedings of ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2013) CIKM 2013, San Francisco, CA, Oct. 27-Nov.1, 2013, pp. 1225-1228. [View Abstract] [View bibtex]

IR-868: (2012) Li, H.,  Xu, G., Croft, W. B. ,  Bendersky, M.,  Wang, Z. and Viegas, E., "QRU-1: A Public Dataset for Promoting Query Representation and Understanding Research," Workshop on Web Search Click Data, February 12, 2012, Seattle, Washingtion, USA (WSCD 2012). [View Abstract] [View bibtex]