CIIR publications authored by Oren Kurland

IR-798: (2010) Krikon, E.,  Kurland, O. and Bendersky, M., "Utilizing inter-passage and inter-document similarities for re-ranking search results," ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS), Volume 29, Number 1. [View Abstract] [View bibtex]

IR-663: (2008) Bendersky, M. and Kurland, O., "Re-ranking search results using document-passage graphs," Proceedings of the 31st Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference (SIGIR'08), pp. 853-854. [View Abstract] [View bibtex]

IR-644: (2008) Bendersky, M. and Kurland, O., "Utilizing Passage-Based Language Models for Document Retrieval," Proceedings of ECIR 08, pp.162 - 174. [View Abstract] [View bibtex]