CIIR publications authored by Nicholas R. Howe

MM-841: (2009) Howe, N.,  Feng, S. and Manmatha, R., "Finding words in alphabet soup: Inference on freeform character recognition for historical scripts. ," Pattern Recognition, 42(12): 3338- 3347, 2009. [View Abstract] [View bibtex]

MM-672: (2008) Feng, S.,  Manmatha, R. and Howe, N., "A Hidden Markov Model for Alphabet-Soup Word Recognition," Proc. of the International conf. on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition, pp.210-215. [View Abstract] [View bibtex]

MM-399: (2005) Howe, N.,  Rath, T. and Manmatha, R., "Boosted Decision Trees for Word Recognition in Handwritten Document Retrieval," the Proceedings of the 28th Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference (SIGIR2005), pp. 377-383. [View Abstract] [View bibtex]