IR-642: (2007) Allan, J.,  Carterette, B.,  Aslam, J.,  Pavlu, V.,  Dachev, B. and Kanoulas, E., "Million Query Track 2007 Overview," TREC 2007 Notebook. [View bibtex]


The Million Query (1MQ) track ran for the first time in TREC 2007. It was designed to serve two purposes. First, it was an exploration of ad-hoc retrieval on a large collection of documents. Second, it investigated questions of system evaluation, particularly whether it is better to evaluate using many shallow judgments or fewer thorough judgments. Participants in this track were assigned two tasks: (1) run 10,000 queries against a 426Gb collection of documents at least once and (2) judge documents for relevance with respect to some number of queries. Section 1 describes how the corpus and queries were selected, details the submission formats, and provides a brief description of all submitted runs. Section 2 provides an overview of the judging process, including a sketch of how it alternated between two methods for selecting the small set of documents to be judged. Sections 3 and 4 provide details of those two selection methods, developed at UMass and NEU, respectively. The sections also provide some analysis of the results. In Section 6 we present some statistics about the judging process, such as the total number of queries judged, how many by each approach, and so on. We present some additional results and analysis of the overall track in Sections 7 and 8.

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